Falling off the memory train

I decided a while back that fragmenting my thoughts across a few dedicated blogs made more sense than relying on categories and tags to organize things.  The approach certainly suits my scatterbrained processes.

But the main drawback to running on a brain in constant flux is losing many of the sparks that pop up at the worst possible time… i.e., when I can’t capture them.

So the gaps in posts here represent lost ideas for earth-shattering articles where I would have solved something on the scale of global warming, world peace or cell phone battery life.

Okay, so that’s an exaggeration.

I used to keep a pad of postit notes in my car, scribble ideas on them and stick them to the closest uncovered surface for later reference.  Like a living example of an overused metaphor, whatever stuck long enough might eventually migrate to my home desk to be incorporated into some applicable project.

That worked okay, but many times I found myself unable to write.  I needed to go high tech.  So I bought a tiny tape recorder to capture verbalized effluvium.  I think I used it three times.

There is just something about scribbling thoughts that works better for me.  Probably because I’m reluctant to express them out loud.  They’re often coarse, chaotic and of little apparent value to any possible listeners.  Like my kids, who find any utterance by dad to be comedy gold worth uploading to YouTube.

In the cell phone age I can have the best of both worlds.  I tend to prefer smartphones, which typically come ready with voice and text capture methods.  Lately I’m testing Nokia’s amazing N900 and there is no shortage of built-in and ready-to-install applications that support my idea harvesting and storing needs.

I just need to remember to use them.

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