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At odds with the universe

Misfiring on all cylinders lately it seems. Not sure if it’s due to an ongoing illness, work issues, volunteer efforts or a combination. Just can’t find a groove anywhere. This is that point at which a tropical vacation would come in real handy. No, warm local weather and a heavy rainstorm don’t cut it. Although, […]

Chance of a ghost

A tweet by theredheadsaid prodded me to bother you all with the odd tale of a former resident in our house. Maybe former resident is unnecessarily anthropomorphic.  Maybe it was just some energy field with an aggressive penchant for people. We moved into our current house several years ago.  It was a cheap, ugly fixer-upper, reasonably abandoned […]

How to succeed at business without really trying

Fill your company to the brim with the brightest, most engaging, most creative, most service-oriented people you can find.  The more you have, the fewer the competition does.

Iron Man 2: new trailer

This movie is gonna kick so much ass.  Jon Favreau and company have truly done the best adaptations of comic characters and stories.  Move over Spider-Man and Batman– Iron Man is now the benchmark. Trailer:

Oscars 2010

I could not argue with any of the choices.  Somehow Hollywood found a way to reward just about everybody.  New system for the win?

Ethics save you money

Unethical behavior is too often excused as a means of saving money.  The problem is that you’re only doing this short term; once the consequences strike, the cost of noncompliance kicks your butt. Long term, you’re better off Just Saying No when unethical influences urge you to cheat, lie, steal or cut corners.  You”ll thank […]

A pat on the back… comes with free knife!

Blog spammers are getting really clever lately.  Like the latest post I deleted at Tabula Crypticum, something along the lines of: You make good, valid points but I can’t say I agree with everything you said. The url they linked betrayed the spam nature but I can see where some writer looking for congratulatory comments […]

Tea Time

Just a few words about all these protesting “tea partiers”: If they were sincere in their convictions, and actually understood the root cause of their discomfort, they wouldn’t be clamoring for a republican back in the White House.  They’d be getting behind an independent to do something significant about the status quo.

Return of the Cowboys?

Today the Dallas Cowboys pluck the Sillydelphia Iggles.  Am I right?

The Easy button, 1

It’s easy for federal legislators to oppose public-funded healthcare for everyone else– they already have it.